Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to Fierce. Fit. Fearless. - The Blog

How fierce are you?
Hello Everybody! It is with great excitement that I am here today to launch Fierce. Fit. Fearless. - The Blog. Some of you may already be familiar with FFF from my personal blog as well as from the popular women's only Facebook group focused on Intermittent Fasting and heavy weight/low volume strength training.

Thanks to a very generous spotlight in his recent F*&^arounditis blog, Martin Berkhan propelled our little group of 95 women into a force of 638 FIERCE ladies - and we add more every day.

While this budding FB group has been a great way to share ideas with like-minded women around the world about using IF for fat loss and muscle gain, I thought the blog would be a great place to expand on some of the topics discussed. I'll try to cover popular topics as well as some of the more unusual things we're discovering and ask you, the general public (yes, men included) to weigh in. I would even like to welcome guest contributors who have experience in a certain area to send me your thoughts on various topics pertaining to INTERMITTENT FASTING and LIFTING HEAVY - particularly as they apply to those of us with XX chromosomes. I would be happy to post anything intelligent that fits with our purpose.

Whatever you do, please do not litter this blog with comments on your 298594724th round of P90X, bodypump, Insanity, Les Mills whatever, Swiss/Bosu Ball routines, TRX or whatever other types of training the trainer at your gym is pimping these days. This is about eating protein, cycling macros, fasting and lifting HEAVY to change body composition and win the war against the pink padded dumbbell crowd and waste-of-space fitness magazines that currently litter every gym in the world.

Women can lift heavy and still look like women if they do it naturally. Join us and let's change the perceptions of fitness enthusiasts globally - it's already happening, we just have to keep the momentum going!

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