Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sample Primal Post Workout Meal

Health & Fitness with Berry is one of our Fierce FFF members. She sent me the link to this post for all of you out there who are dabbling in, or considering dabbling in, the Paleo lifestyle. The meal looks great but, at 480 cals, 30.9g f / 15.9g carbs / 32.8g p, it's way too light for a true LG PWO meal. I would suggest at least doubling the carbs and protein and having this as your largest meal of the day. 

She eats low carb every day, as noted in her blog post. If I were to use this as a PWO meal, I'd quadruple the carbs and triple the protein and cut the fat in half. This would comprise the majority of my macros for the day.


  1. I was dealing with leftovers there - so that was all the protein I had. Was out of cottage cheese, etc.
    I seriously would not have been able to eat more carbs - I can't eat a whole sweet potato unless it's the only thing I'm eating.
    As for the rest of the day, my total intake was 1470 cals, 98g protein, 64g carbs (high for me) and about 50% of cals were from fat, which is typical in a primal diet. I've lost a total of 7 pounds, now, in a little over 3 weeks, and continuing to see strength gains, so this is working for me.

  2. hey, no worries Rebecca! I know it's the "Paleo Way" - was just offering my commentary...keep up the great work! 7 lbs is awesome!

  3. Just thought you were concerned ;)
    And thanks - I feel great.

  4. Actually, as far as I know The Paleo Diet (as opposed to "primal") tends to shy away from fats, especially saturated animals fats. Am I wrong? Paleo people want to chime in?