Monday, November 14, 2011

Importance of Setting Goals

Sometime around February of this year, shortly after I discovered, I set a deadlift goal of 220 lbs. TBH, the reason for the number was that I was hoping to be down to 110 lbs by then and 220 would represent twice my bodyweight. 

I'm happy to report that I reached my goal of 220 lbs this past weekend, but @116.5 lbs of current bodyweight, the lift did not represent twice my weight. Regardless, it's still a personal best and I'm proud to have reached my goal. 

My next goal is to hit 250-lb deadlift by Memorial Day, 2012. Why 250? Why Memorial Day? Well, why the hell not. I have to add 30 lbs to my deadlift in 6 months. That's only 5 lbs added a month starting in December. 

How will I do it? Well, I deadlift every 7-9 days and I usually don't add weight until I hit a minimum of 4 reps with any weight - adding about 1 rep each session, I will need approximately 26 sessions to reach 250 x 4 - in theory. Memorial day is about exactly 6 months from the Saturday after Thanksgiving - which will be my next deadlift session since I'm going on vacation next week. I'll be pushing a bit hard as I probably won't have 26 deadlift sessions before then, so this goal will force me to try to eek out just a tiny bit more effort each session if I want to reach my goal. 

Enough babbling. Here is the video of I've already plastered everywhere - in case you somehow missed it.

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